🔖 Undergraduate (license in E-Business)

from 2020 to now
  • Operating Systems and Linux Fundamentals
  • Development of Enterprise Applications (MVC/.NET framework)
  • Front-end web integration (HTML5/CSS3, Responsive Design)

🔖 Graduate (computer science engineering) *

from 2014 to 2020
  • Algorithms and Data Structures (Linked lists, Stack, Queue, Tree, Heap, Hash table, Graph)
  • Object Oriented Programming (Java, Design Patterns)
  • Problem Solving Contests (C / Java programming contests, ACM TCPC’2018 organizer)
  • Development of Enterprise Applications (MVC/.NET framework)
  • Real Time Operating Systems (STM32 microcontroller, Keil RTX OS)

(*) Syllabuses and courses contents are hosted on the UVT-Moodle platform

🔖 Undergraduate (license in multimedia and computer science)

before 2014
  • Web development (server and client side with PHP & JavaScript/jQuery)
  • Front-end web integration (HTML5/CSS3)
  • Service Oriented Architectures (Web services & XML standards)