Tunisia Adverts

Design and Development of a GIS for adverts in Tunisia country. Customers are able to see, advertise and display the relevant statistics in different departments via a GIS navigation.

Stream Visualizer

It consists in making a data stream visualization interface for the Esper DSMS. We developed a dash board application to show data generated from the Esper DSMS.

« Stream Visualizer » would help for data analysis in a BI context.

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SPORSER is a possibilistic system for semantic query expansion. It integrates search functionality in an indexed corpus and a navigational graph exploration of a dictionary resource.


Personal Web Site

Design and Development of my personal web site. Looking to share my experience in web development and aiming to have my own impact in the WWW, I decided to build this web site.



Development of the ISAMM WebCamp Event’s web sites for both 2013 and 2012 editions. It is based on the Bootstrap Twitter framework including responsive design for mobile output. Visit web sites :

See more details about the event here.


Development of the famous « Demineur » game (Mine Sweeper). Switching themes and difficulty level options are integrated in the game.


Arabsoft CRM Portal

Arabsoft company needs a CRM Portal to offer different services for their customers. It consists in a Web application that ensure the tracking of contracts, their payment installments and billing statements.